Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dear friends,
I have read a lot this new year of people here in blogland wanting to simplify their homes and their lives, I too want to simplify my life,.A fresh start you might say.....

 I had an episode this summer with google about me using all my space for my pictures, so I thought I would outsmart them by deleting photos which they were storing on Picasa, sometimes they had five of the same photos,, anyhoo Smarty pants(that's me) did gain some space but at the cost of deleting them off of her blog posts. Shows how much I know! Huh!!

Since this happened I just seem to have lost interest in this blog, especially since I had made such a mess of it,(it's the perfection personality trait, you know ever thing in order.) lol If you are like me when I visit a blog, sometimes(most times) I like to go back and read older posts,so I can get to know the writer better......After this episode with google  I really had nothing to show on my older posts, just a ? mark where the photo was. Not pretty at all.

I went back to posting more regularly on my other blog(google even messed with that blog too)LOL, Yes, I have another blog, and when it was started , my plans were to use it as a daily journal, Nope, didn't happen because I was so busy going back and forth, and because I was so busy here on the farm, and then the new year rolled in and I have been sick this whole month, first the bout with vertigo, and now I have been in the bed this week with the flu. Today is the first day I have even felt like getting up. Another mess!!! LOL.

I don't know if it is the meds. I am on or if it is because I have had some time to really take a look at how my older posts look, or if it's because of rethinking about where I wanted to go with blogging, since I have been wrestling with this decision for some time.....My new address is Pear tree lane farmhouse, Please come by for a visit, as soon as I am feeling better I will be posting. You are always welcome!!

I started "Where Memories Are Made" to create and share memories with our children and grandchildren who live so far away, and to meet new friends who were like minded , women who loved the Lord, and wanted to serve Him by loving and serving their family, and others, Not once have I been disappointed , I have been given far more than what I gave, and I will always be so grateful to you for welcoming me into your homes, and for sharing your life,your faith, your  joys, sorrows,and experiences, not to mention the recipes, Oh ow I have learned so much!!!

We did make wonderful memories with the children and grand childen here on the farm and we were so happy to share them with you ,  except for the two youngest they have all gone on and started their own lives and we are so happy for them... Thus another reason I once again slowed down blogging here, I guess I could have changed the title, and gone and put the messed up posts in draft,...but didn't.... Closing this blog is like closing another chapter in my book of life... and as this one closes, I know I will begin writing a new one.

To each and every one who stopped by, and visited with me, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I don't have the words to tell you how much you all mean to me.
I have moved all of your addresses to my extras blog, and hope that you will continue to welcome me into your homes.
Philippians 1:3-4~ I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with Joy!

I turned the comments off simply because I am to ill to respond, I hope you understand.

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